My goal is to make SAP as “mankind friendly”, so that the CEOs can make decisions  “per click „, due to complex but in “common sense “ way  gathered information  (as Goldratt claims ) . I want to describe the whole company through data stored in SAP, in order to help user to make easy decisions. Especially with connections between all object (parts of the whole chain = company )  I can see the big picture. That is in my opinion the biggest issue for managers to see the big picture and the connections. Instead they focus only on parts separately.


chain in toc with sap

toc with sap

My aim is to gain the big picture of a company and its reality through data in SAP. Because I´m convinced that everything that occurs in live of a company can be traced in its ERP (SAP). In other words SAP is the picture of the reality. (Not on the contrary as practiced in some cases) .And that is the purpose to establish these webpages and the reason why I´m sharing some of my coding for free to gain your feedback or your opinion, issues with SAP. Your suggestions, advices to my mission are welcome.

This is the beginning and I hope through sharing these all stuff with you, I´ll be able to achieve it.